How modern browser is getting the page render
Trait is a code reuse mechanism in languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat supports single inheritance, such as PHP
There are few ways to save info to database via phalcon models
Convert string to integer in java
Input data to your programs can be stored in different way you represent it in you program. For example you have number value stored in string
Recover removed remote branch in git
git push --delete works very fast. Sometimes you even don't see you deleted some branch :)
How to remove remote branch
Removing a remote branch in git
How to change commit message in git
Sometime in a hurry you can make a mistake in commit's message and need to change it before pushing to remote
How to make redirect in javascript (javascript redirect)
Dynamically redirecting a page from current location to somewhere else can save your life sometime, check out how it could be done!
Git checkout remote branch
git checkout remote branch
How to install php5.6 (5.5) on Ubuntu 16.04
16 version of ubuntu comes with php7.0. What to do if you want older version of php? - i have an answer
Phalcon and cron. Phalcon cli tasks
Almost every site has some repeating actions that are executed via cron. Phalcon facilitates ability to make tasks to execute with cron out from the b
How to supress required column in phalcon's model when saving an empty string
Sometimes there is situation when the model in phalcon won't save without any errors. Probably, I have solution for you
Programs not always work as they should, in some cases there are errors in some place we actually don't even suppose to. So, we should be aware of tha
Every application which do something more than saying Hello world needs to store and change some information. Most of the cases application stores da
PSR stands for PHP Standarts Recommendations and give the recommendations on how to write a good code which can be used by other people
PHP have so called superglobal varibles which carry out much information about the enviroment and the client who create the request which is verry hel
php as the most of programming languages give opportunity to manipulate over the flow of execution of the script
Reading and writing to folders is cool feature. You can write down the debug information to file or find all files in the directory you want and so on
With the help of the session and cookies you can provide your site authorization with the authorization features
When you're already know a little bit on php's objects its time to know about extra features of classes. Magical methods - methods that every object h
When the program grow its a good manner to separate the code, divide it into parts. The smallest part to divide a code is a function
Arrays are very powerfull mechanism in php, but it's not a best solution for the whole programming in php. Most of the problems can be solved more eff
There is a joke that the hardest job in programing is to give a variable a good name. But this is quite right: names of the items can be equal and cre
You're not always use all included files in your script and this can slow down your program.Thanks to autloading php can include files on the fly
Implementation of dependency injection in php
Dependency injection is a cool feature of powerful frameworks which helps you to do more with less effort
How to create an ORM framework in pure php. ORM Creation Tutorial
Object Relation Mapping is very powerfull thing when it comes to big projects or simply making a better code
Get all information about some class in compact form using reflection
Reflection api allows to analyze source code of php in easy way. Results of this lesson could be mainly used when speaking of constructing documentati
How to invoke method on class with dynamicall generated name via reflection
There are some ways to invoke dynamically generated method name on object in php. Lets go though
Using getProperties to get the list of declared properties
Handling class properties is extremely usefull when you write some cool feature like orm or your own framework
Introduction to reflection in php
In this post i'd try to shortly explain where you can use your knowledge of reflection api in php
Working with arrays in php5
Arrays in php are very powerfull and flexible data type, which helps to create complex data structures and algorithms. Nevertheless they are very simp
Variablees, constants and data types in php5
Any program is a instruction to manipulate some data in computer's memory (Manipulation over variables). In this post i'll describe the variables type
What is the web application and how it works
In this post i will tell you about what is web application is look like and how it works